Hair growth homemade treatment


hair growth homemade treatment for kids. Puffs, buns, and braids are super cute, but when they are too tight, they can pull out your child’s hair and cause breakage. Do not use scrunchies with the metal part, these can cause breakage. If you have to use little rubber bands, cut them out instead of pulling them out of the style. Cutting off those excess knots and split ends helps retain length. Do not neglect split ends because they will continue to break, which damages more of the hair.


Anytime your child’s hair is dry, make sure you add moisture with water first and then sealed with a leave-in product or styling cream. When the hair is too dry, it is prone to breakage. One reason for hair loss and hair thinning is nutritional deficiencies. By this logic, adding certain vitamins and minerals to a deficient diet could have positive effects on alopecia. And some supplements have been marketed as natural hair-growth remedies for years. But do they work in people who are not vitamin or nutrient-deficient?


Evidence: There’s not enough concrete evidence to show that hair growth supplements work for most healthy people who eat a nutritious and balanced diet. When supplements like biotin and vitamin D do help to regrow hair, it’s in people with low baseline levels of these nutrients. More studies are also needed to see if other supplements, like amino acids cysteine and lysine, can stimulate hair growth. 


Worth a try? Going over the daily recommended intake of any vitamin can be dangerous. Depending on which nutrient you are over-supplementing, side effects range from mild to severe. Consult your healthcare professional to see if you may have nutrient deficiencies and how much you need to supplement them. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain their organic properties. Two popular essential oils people use to promote hair growth are peppermint oil and rosemary oil. 


Evidence: Some animal studies showed that peppermint may promote hair growth, but no studies in humans have shown the same results. In another small study, rosemary oil was as effective as minoxidil treatment in growing hair after 6 months. But more research is needed.  Worth a try? Probably. Essential oils are safe to use so long as you dilute them. 

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