The tragic incident on the youth


The tragic incident on the youth. Two individuals who killed their friend and took the car and disappeared were arrested within 24 hours. Two individuals who allegedly took the car that he was driving after killing their friend in an area known as 8 Semin Mazegaja in Gulele sub-city district, were arrested within 24 hours. According to the information obtained from the Addis Ababa police crime and traffic accident investigation department, the deceased G/Michael Seifu was a close friend of the perpetrators of the crime, so the suspects confirmed that they were residents of Sululta City, who meet every day, have fun and have a very strong friendship.


On that day, it was learned that the deceased was having fun with his two friends who were suspected of the crime. It is said that after the suspects Tewdros Takele and Sisay Tilahun strangled their friend to death at around 5:00 PM, they dumped the body on the road and took away the car with license plate number code 4-15624, which he was driving at the time, along with his mobile phone and ID.


After receiving the report of the crime, the police identified the individuals suspected to have committed the crime and arrested them within 24 hours. One suspect was arrested from the Ayer Tena area and the second suspect was found in Sululta City. After the individuals were arrested, an investigation was carried out and they took the stolen vehicle to an area called Wolete in Sheger City and confirmed that they had given it to an individual to sell it.


Addis Ababa Police announced that the surveillance and investigation work is continuing to arrest the person who agreed to sell the vehicle and take it from the suspects. Addis Ababa Police has stated that it is working to ensure the peace and security of our city and its residents in the long term. The police conveyed the message that some individuals and institutions spread false and exaggerated information based on some crimes committed in our city and that society should develop the experience of getting the right information from the right source regarding the security issues of our city. He urged that those who spread false information should refrain from their actions, including the police.

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