A program was held to honor author Behulu Alebel


Tears accompanied the Thanksgiving program. The program was held to honor author Behulu Alebel. For instance, the largest lake, Lake Tana, which possesses religious, natural as well as historical elements for having several ancient island monasteries, being the source of Abbay River, and famous for its aquatic bird life, Lake Bishoftu for its recreational value some to mention but a few.


Zengena Lake, which is less known, is the other Crater Lake located in western Ethiopia, in the Awi Zone of the Amhara State. The Lake is situated six km south of Kosso Ber between the towns of Injibara and only 200 m from the Addis Ababa-Bahir Dar highway at an elevation of 2500 m. The diameter of the lake is roughly 1 km.


Studies indicate that Zengena, with a maximum depth of 166 m, is the second deepest lake in Ethiopia after Lake Shala. Its rim is made of unconsolidated ash deposits. Zengena Lake is most likely a maar lake formed by volcanic explosion and collapse. Though it is not proven, as villagers uttered, the formation of this Lake has a myth that is told by the community which is similar to the biblical history of Noah and flood water.


Vegetation around the crater rim is dominated by a plantation of Cupressus lusitanica managed by the Agricultural Bureau in Kosso Ber. Some poorly developed natural vegetation exists inside the crater on the steeply sloping sides. The Lake at the bottom is almost inaccessible but can be reached by those who are sure-footed. The water is fresh. Excessive algal growth was not observed when looking down from the top. The Lake is found in the vicinity of a rapidly growing town.

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