I had 3 hotels and 350 employees


I went down from the tower of wealth to the street. I had 3 hotels and 350 employees. He further noted that as proven during the past history of the country, challenge is a spice that sweetens the Ethiopian statehood. Adwa is the living evidence for this, the second Italian aggression and the recent challenges are contributing factors for the strong unity that Ethiopians from all walks of life come together in order to defend their country.


Today, people cry when they happen to see the Ethiopian national emblem and when they happen to hear the national anthem, is the manifestation of their deep love for their country. Nebiyu, in addition to this, the art community is paying life sacrifice considering the fact that artwork by itself  is sometimes may not be enough in hard times like that of these days that the country is dealing with.


The art people are echoing Ethiopianism starting from the former generation up to today’s young artists like Tedros Kassahun aka (Teddy Afro) and Dawit Tsige, Nebiyu stated adding that this the fact that tells the enemies of Ethiopia that every generation doesn’t accept the unwarranted external aggression and always in the frontline for the national service.


The guest of honor, Spokesperson Colonel Getnet Adane for his part said that on behalf of the ENDF, I am assuring the art community that the brave sons and daughters of Ethiopia are ready and capable of defending the country from all external and local unwarranted campaigns against its peaceful coexistence.

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