Artist Hebist Tiruneh Interview On Sheger FM


Sheger Mezinagna - Artist Hebist Tiruneh Interview On Sheger FM. Hibist Tiruneh started her career as a singer at an early age in the late 90’s. She certainly has captured the attention of many Ethiopian music lovers. Though, I take these two famous artists’ classic works on Abbay, a lot of poems, songs, paintings, and other fairy tales have been written on the longest river by different artists to indicate the power, beauty, and significance of Ethiopian development.


But compared to Egyptian’s artistic products of film, music, storytelling, and textbooks to make their citizens see Abbay as the source of their life, Ethiopians’ pieces of art on the river are insignificant. Egyptians have several songs rhymed for the Nile. A lot of films and documentaries were also made by Egyptians about the river, said Script Writer Yemisrach Tadesse.


When we compare with Egyptian arts, Ethiopia stays back in promoting Abbay though the country originates about 86 percent of the water amount of the river. Due to Egypt’s high investment in media preaching the Nile as a “life saver”, the rest of the world community looks Nile as the only resource of Egypt, though its origin is in the Ethiopian highlands. A lot of films have been produced on Abbay by Egyptians and these Egyptian efforts sensitize their goal of mobilizing the people and teaching their generation about the advantages and necessity of the Nile even beyond the need.


On the Ethiopian side, though different songs, poems, and paintings have been made to promote Abbay, only a few films were produced for the same purpose. Currently, the production of a film titled “Hid Na” is on the way to the Cinema. The multilingual film is being made in Amharic, English, and Arabic languages, according to the film Author and Producer. The opening scene of the film sets the story up from Sekela, the source of the Abbay River, in the mountains of Ethiopia’s Amhara regional state. 

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