The winners of Demo Addis competition show


The winners of the Demo Addis competition show. Demo Addis winner of the winner final competition. Celebrated Ethiopian musician Jorga Mesfin has unveiled his much-anticipated album, “The Kindest One.” The release is now available on the Muzikawi YouTube Channel and various digital streaming platforms. Mesfin, a leading figure in contemporary Ethiopian music and a protégé of the legendary Mulatu Astatke, explores the rich terrain of Ethio-jazz in his new album. “The Kindest One” is a testament to his deep-rooted spiritual and musical experimentation, seamlessly blending traditional Ethiopian sounds with jazz.


Mesfin’s musical journey began at the age of 12 with piano lessons. This foundation has led to collaborations with a host of renowned artists, including Tsegaye Gebremedhin, Wayna Wondwossen, Kirk Whalum, Takana Miyamoto, Aster Aweke, Mahmoud Ahmed, Dr. Mulatu Astatke, and Vijay Iyer. He is also the founder of the Ethio-jazz group Wudasse. He composed the score for the acclaimed film “Teza,” earning him the Best Music Award at the 22nd Carthage Film Festival and Best Composition at the 5th Dubai International Film Festival.


“The Kindest One” is a significant addition to Mesfin’s illustrious career and is now accessible to a global audience. Fans can also look forward to the album’s vinyl release at the upcoming Addis Jazz Festival, Muzikawi’s flagship event dedicated to Ethiopian music culture. Additionally, Mesfin will perform live on the album’s release day at the African Jazz Village, offering fans a unique opportunity to experience his music in person.

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