I got into art when I was young - Actress Abyssinia Gebregiorgis


Saturday afternoon infotainment - An entertaining interview with Actress Abyssinia Gebregiorgis. I got into art when I was young - Actress Abyssinia Gebregiorgis. Regular attendee Yonas Getnet captures the essence of these concerts from the audience’s perspective. “Every Saturday I hear the music from my office. Sometimes I join them and it’s so beautiful—the open air, the band, the music,” he shared. Yonas’s favorite old melodies and the communal atmosphere keep him coming back, underscoring the event’s broad appeal. The success of Selamta Entertainment is mirrored in other Ethiopian events like the Addis Jazz Festival, which draws global audiences and transforms the city into a cultural hotspot. Similar to the Meskel Square gatherings, the festival emphasizes community and cultural pride through music.


Rediet Fekadu, inspired by social media clips, attended Selamta’s event and found it perfectly aligned with her musical tastes and lifestyle. “I feel so comfortable that it’s at the center of the city. It’s easier to go home; the closing time is good, and the people who go there are for real music enthusiasts, which creates a good vibe,” she noted, highlighting the event’s safety, accessibility, and vibrant atmosphere.


Looking beyond Ethiopia, similar experiences resonate worldwide. The Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, and Notting Hill Carnival all showcase how music in public spaces can unite diverse audiences and celebrate cultural heritage. These concerts are more than just events; they are a celebration of community, culture, and the unifying power of music, reminding citizens that amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, there is always time to stop, listen, and connect.


Since Selamta’s performances began ten months ago, over 200 individuals have participated in the jam session with the band, revealing a wealth of untapped talent. As Eyuel and his co-founders look to the future, they envision expanding their concept within Addis Ababa and beyond, organizing more concerts, events, and festivals. Their mission is clear: to transform urban spaces into vibrant centers of artistic expression, one beat at a time.

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