We have acted with Tariku Baba in three movies together - Actress Metasebia


It is a film that he made despite his pain, We have acted with Tariku Baba in three movies together. He is my good friend - Actress Metasebia. Interview with actress Metasebia on the Seifu show. The musical talents of Gondor Fasiledes Cultural Group have given birth to legendary artists such as Gash Yirga Dubale, Enye Takele, Abebe Berhane, and Asefu Debalke. 

With ‘Eregnaw,’ a song characterized by heartfelt lyrics penned by Asfaw Melese and composed by Daniel Leykun, listeners can expect to be captivated by the tale of love between a woman and a shepherd.


The journey of the Fasiledes Cultural Group has been one of resilience, innovation, and artistic excellence. Originating in 1985 as “Taglo Atagay,” the group has overcome numerous challenges to establish itself as a prominent figure in Ethiopian cultural heritage. Striving for continuous improvement, the group underwent a rebranding, first as “Yeras Dashen Kinet” and later as “Fasiledes Kinet.”


With the release of ‘Eregnaw’ from their eagerly awaited album, also titled “Gondor Fasiledes,” they pay homage to the rich legacy of their predecessors while forging a unique and forward-looking path. The complete album, featuring a total of 12 tracks, is slated for release shortly. Fans and enthusiasts are expected to experience the magic of Gondor Fasiledes Cultural Group’s single, ‘Eregnaw,’ as it offers a glimpse into the artistic brilliance that awaits in their upcoming album.

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