Dj Kingston on Saturday afternoon show


An entertaining interview with Dj Kingston on Saturday afternoon show. Yitsma noted that they have been examining the Ethiopian government’s budget allocation for art and culture and its challenges over the past three years. The study revealed that the allocated budget is below 0.03 percent, which is insufficient to support the sector and transform it into a revenue-generating industry.


“The improvement will enhance the sector’s vibrant benefits and its contribution to the country’s economic and cultural growth while showcasing the diverse areas of the sector found in Africa to the world,” he told The Reporter. YitsmaTsege, a cultural expert and researcher, contributed to and studied the development of the CfCA’s budget request initiative.


Consequently, the respondents unanimously agreed that the CfCA initiative will significantly bolster the role of CCIs in promoting sustainable development. By enhancing the visibility and investment in these industries, the initiative aims to create more job opportunities, preserve cultural heritage, and stimulate economic growth.


According to UN report estimates, the creative industries account for 3.1 percent of global GDP, generate annual revenues of over USD two trillion, and account for nearly 50 million jobs worldwide. The report also stated that about half of these workers are women, and these industries employ more people ages 15-29 than any other sector. He says that the initiative aims to increase the budget allocation of AU member countries following comprehensive research on current allocations and their effectiveness.

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