The bride's father responded About the Shimgelena program


The bride's father responded About the Shimgelena program that cost 30 million birr. The insufficiently studied issues of women in the Shimglna in Meket District of North Wollo Zone of Amhara National Regional state were the center of the study. A qualitative approach with its data collection techniques (FGD, interview, and observation) was used. The study found that women are involved in marital conflicts and other conflicts.


In search of solutions, the Shimglna plays vibrant roles. In the process, in some areas of the district, women participate as plaintiffs, defendants, and rarely as mediators. However, in other areas of the district, the participation of women is limited, and there are still women whose participation is through their male relatives. While the participation of women in the Shimglna is low, conflicts involving women are addressed on an equal basis with men. 


On the other hand, women’s low turnout in the Shimglna has indirect adverse effects on the resolution processes of conflicts involving them. However, the belief of the society in which women are considered inferior and men are superior is not yet fully resolved. Moreover, the paradox between the legal jurisdiction of the Shimglna to address only family and personal matters restricts the scope of the Shimglna.


The international community, the national governments, and other stakeholders of the world’s community have long been taking diverse measures to foster the participation of women in all affairs of communities. Igniting the participation of women in the national and local peace processes is one of the focus areas of the stakeholders. Hence, the United Nations (UN) has been declaring conventions and resolutions to condemn violence against women and to improve their participation in the political, socio-economic, and cultural aspects.

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