Every time I see someone, my eyes wander


Where are you, my father? Every time I see someone, my eyes wander. The primary goal of the event was to champion a five-year initiative dedicated to culture and arts advocacy at both regional and national levels. This multi-stakeholder network seeks to unite culture advocates to underscore the benefits of investing in culture for fostering democratic, inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable social and economic development.


A critical objective is lobbying African states to allocate at least one percent of their national budgets to the arts, culture, and heritage sectors by 2030. During the event, the CfCA’s mission to promote the revised African Union (AU) Plan of Action on Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) took center stage. This AU initiative aims to fortify African CCIs to enhance their contribution to sustainable development and expand their social and economic impact. 


The CfCA will collaborate with government agencies, research institutions, universities, media, artists, and civil society organizations to bolster political support for the sector. However, the sector’s potential has been consistently side-lined in government budgets, leaving it neglected and overshadowed by other sectors that receive the lion’s share of attention.


A recurring theme was the urgent need to lobby stakeholders for investments in policy, infrastructure, training, and resources to nurture the growth and global reach of the CCIs. Both public and private funding were identified as essential to the sector’s development. The event also underscored the link between culture and democratic development, emphasizing how cultural expressions can foster freedom of speech and societal concern among the younger generation.

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