Asfaw Meshesha said I am fine, pray for me.


Seifu on EBS broadcasting from the United States. Asfaw Meshesha said I am fine, pray for me. Staying engaged and supportive in your children's lives despite the distance can be a challenge, but with the right strategies, you can maintain a strong connection. 


Establish a routine for regular communication. Schedule video calls, phone calls, or messaging sessions at consistent intervals. This helps create a sense of stability and gives your children something to look forward to. Be present during these conversations, actively listening, and engaging in meaningful conversations to understand their experiences, challenges, and achievements.


Share Everyday Moments: Even though you may not be physically present, find ways to share everyday moments with your children. Ask about their day, their activities, and their interests. Share stories from your own life and make an effort to stay updated on their hobbies, school life, and friendships. This shows your genuine interest in their lives and helps them feel connected to you.


Virtual Activities: Engage in virtual activities together. For example, you can read books together over video calls, watch movies simultaneously and discuss them afterward, or play online games. These shared experiences create bonds and provide opportunities for quality time even from a distance.


Send Physical Reminders: Send care packages or handwritten letters to your children. Include small surprises, personal notes, or items that hold sentimental value. These physical reminders of your love and presence can bring comfort and joy to your children, reminding them that you are always thinking of them.


Support Their Interests: Encourage and support your children's hobbies and interests. If they have a passion for a particular activity, explore ways to facilitate their involvement, even from afar. For example, if they are involved in sports, ask about their games and training, and express your support and pride in their accomplishments.


Attend Important Events: Whenever possible, make an effort to attend important events in your children's lives. This could include school performances, graduations, or special celebrations. Your presence, even if it's virtual, can mean the world to them and shows your commitment to being a part of their milestones.

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