The mediation of Henok Dinku caught the attention of many


Various Entertaining Ethiopian videos of the week. The mediation of Henok Dinku caught the attention of many. There are several other historical monasteries, mosques, shrines, and caves in Ethiopia. The country is rich in the biosphere too. The endemic wildlife together with the unique lifestyle of the people of Ethiopia makes the country one of the best tourist destinations in Africa.


Among the extraordinary geological wonders that Ethiopia has to offer is, the Danakil Depression, deep in the Afar region, the unearthly hosts two volcanoes, Erta Ale, and the Dallol are unimaginable. Lava lakes, bathing in hot springs, and marveling at waterfalls make the adventure exceptional.


Mark Angelo, a tourist, told The Ethiopian Herald that Omo Valley is one of the most fascinating sceneries in the country. The lifestyle of the people of Omo is unique. A significant number of them practice flood retreat cultivation and other traditional agro-pastoralist livelihoods. At least eight distinct indigenous communities depend on the Omo River’s flood cycle: the Mursi, Bodi, Muguji (Kwegu), Kara (Karo), Hamar, Bashada, Nyangatom, and Daasanech, he said.


Angelo described the Omo Valley as the best place to visit. The variety and diversity of life – truly a melting pot of humanity – will blow you away. The concentration of experience and variety, often so juxtaposed to daily life, forces one to reflect on what it means to be human in today’s world, The Lower Omo Valley region has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site since the discovery of human remains dating back nearly 2.5 million years. 

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