Explaining her father's sacrifice to raise her made her emotional


Her love for her father made her cry in front of 400 students. There is no greater role model for a child than their father. A mother naturally has her special place, but a father helps indelibly shape their child. There is a famous quote about the mark fathers leave on their children: “The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” The absence of a father undeniably leaves a void in that child permanently; the space that the father could have filled with loving memories remains empty in that child without the input of love.


A child who grows up without a father, although the mother may provide a happy typical childhood, ends up with a void only a father can fill. Even though the child may be told it’s not his/her fault the parents aren’t together, children naturally place blame on themselves. The absence of a father lasts a lifetime and creates a void that can never be filled, no matter how much one tries to make up for it later in life.


As a father, you can make a difference in your child’s life by simply showing up! Nothing fancy, no major trips or gifts, just simply being there. Besides the scientific benefits to the child having a father’s involvement, the father also receives many positive benefits. The negative consequences of an absent father are numerous and completely avoidable by choosing to be present.


Kids learn the true meaning of unconditional love when they have present mothers and fathers. Being a reliable parent in your child’s life shows them that no matter what, they are loved. And as a parent, we are privileged to experience unconditional love from our children. My husband loves to spend time with our kids, and in his words, he says he “gets love, bonding, and trust”. 

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