I came from Bale when I was 15 years old - Lemlem Hailemichael


Interview with artist Lemlem Hailemichael on the Seifu show. I came from Bale when I was 15 years old - Lemlem Hailemichael. Amidst all that, stories and legends circulate in a fog akin to a long-running historical version of the telephone game. Historians may argue as to the validity of any prevailing accounts, but as our guide suggested, “If you believe, then it is true to you. Belief, it seems, trumps all, the couples added.


One of our most enjoyable moments and context was the Gheralta Mountains near the town of Hawzia in Ethiopia’s Tigray State. Not only does the area surprise and stun with its Utah-reminiscent red rock backdrop and outcroppings, but treks to 1500-year-old cave churches like Maryam Korkor and Daniel Korkor leave no adrenaline untapped as they force challenging climbs up sheer sandstone walls and precarious walks along narrow cliffs.


Not for the faint of heart or for those unwilling to press deeply into their fear of heights. Until this visit, we never really considered Ethiopia for trekking and adventure, but our experiences in the Simien Mountains and Gheralta Mountains of Tigray set that straight. Thanks to Ge’ez, a long-standing written language, we now know so much about Ethiopia’s past.


In and around the ancient sites that make up the modern-day northern town of Aksum, stone tablets dating back thousands of years will often be inscribed in three languages: Greek, Arabic, and Ge’ez, an ancient Semitic language that predates Ethiopia’s present-day regional languages. Giant stone obelisks stand, lean, and have fallen. While most recognize the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, Rome, and Greece among the greats, few know of the similarly advanced Aksumite Civilization which made its name in trade across the Middle East, Mediterranean, and Asia from 400 B.C. to 800 A.D.

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