The sad end of the Ethiopian youngster


The funeral service of the young Mahlet Teklay was held today. The sad end of the Ethiopian youngster. Rest in peace! The police announced that a teenager who was held hostage for months and demanded 3 million birr was killed in Adwa city. A 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped by unknown individuals in Adwa city of Tigray region and demanded three million birr from her was killed, the police said. Head of Adwa City Police Office, Tesfaye Amare, Wednesday, June 12/2016 E.C. As they told the BBC in the morning, Mahlet Tekhlay was excavated at the place where she was said to have been buried.


The police chief said that the tip-off about the place where the girl is said to have been buried came after the individuals suspected of kidnapping Mahlet Tekhlain admitted to killing and burying the girl and led them to the burial place. The 16-year-old Mahlet Teklai was killed in Adwa City, Central Zone of Tigray Region on March 10/2016. After she was kidnapped by unknown persons, three million birr was demanded for her release.


In the diverse cultural tapestry of Ethiopia, the traditional funeral service holds a profound and sacred place, reflecting the deep-rooted reverence for the cycle of life and death. These ceremonies, steeped in centuries of tradition, serve as a poignant moment for the community to come together, grieve the loss of a loved one, and honor the memory of the departed with dignity and respect.


At the burial site, the ceremony continues with a series of rituals that reflect the beliefs and customs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian or Muslim faiths. Prayers are offered, and the casket is carefully lowered into the earth, with the community surrounding the grave in a display of solidarity and support. The burial is often followed by a communal gathering, where the family and community members share a meal, exchange memories, and offer condolences to the bereaved.

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