The young Edelawit performed 'Hiwot Endeshkla' amazingly


The young Edelawit performed 'Hiwot Endeshkla' amazingly. Music is based on talent and discipline. One can’t detach one from the other. No one certificate says you are an artist. Having a certificate for being a musician is great, but not having one doesn’t stop any from becoming an artist. You can take me for example, even though I went to various music schools, I didn’t graduate from any of these institutions. That didn’t stop me from reaching my goals. I aspired to be a unique artist, and I think I did well for myself.


I am talented and I can perform to my given ability. So having any acknowledgment is good but in the end, that is not what it’s all about. One also needs dedication. I sacrificed my time and invested a lot to be where I am at today. I had a dream and I pursued it. I believe my work can be seen as a certification – acknowledgment from any organization placed on a piece of paper is not that significant. To do the job, you need to contribute a unique product to the public, if one can’t do that, then that person is not in the right profession.


I joined the university in 2008. I was first assigned to study Economics, but I dropped out. I joined Yared Music School. I did not stay for long. Then, I became a businessman. After a while I joined the African Jazz Music School. I then dropped out, due to time constraints, but went back to business. But that didn’t stop me from trying to discover and study the skills of music and do music on the side.


The work itself isn’t easy. It’s hard, and it’s tiring. Honestly speaking, I spend most of my time on my work, even missing sleep for it. That’s normal for me. For going overseas, I just haven’t had the chance because of my work but I wouldn’t say no. At some point, I did try to go around and travel. That’s one of the reasons I joined Jano so that I could have those kinds of experiences with my friends. We wanted to make our style mainstream here and outside of Ethiopia and we’re still working towards that goal.

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