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  • Effective natural remedies for constipation and bloating

    These are Simple Solutions for Stomach Pain and bloating. According to Angela Lemond, RDN, a registered dietitian in Vegas and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, certain herbs have killing properties that can help reduce bloating, and prevent flatulence. "carminative," she says, "is an exhalation agent."


    If the gas doesn't move quickly enough through the digestive system, it can cause bloating and discomfort. A few changes to your lifestyle and habits can reduce bloating and gas.


    Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston suggests these behaviors to help reduce bloating: Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly, eat smaller, more frequent meals, Sit down right after a meal, take a walk after a meal, and Drink at room temperature.


    Many advertisements tout medications or remedies that reduce gas and bloating. Some are of value in clinical studies, and others have not yet been proven scientifically but are anecdotally helpful. Before trying anything, you may want to consult with your physician.


    Two products on the market can help with food-related gas and bloating. Both products are packaged forms of the enzymes needed to break down problematic carbohydrates. If you experience gas after consuming dairy products, you can try taking lactase supplements like Dairy Ease or Lactaid. These supplements can help break down lactose and reduce discomfort. 


    Beano helps digest the indigestible carbohydrate in beans and other gas-producing vegetables. In most situations, occasional gas and abdominal discomfort do not require medical attention. Over-the-counter products or a self-assessment of habits and changes in eating behaviors can help remedy the situation. 


    However, you should seek medical attention when there is an increase in frequency, location, or severity of the symptoms, or if they are accompanied by weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, or heartburn.

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